Onyx 300 Floorstanding Speakers

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Wharfedale Onyx 300 Floor Standing Loudspeaker features a 25 mm tweeter, two 127 mm mid/bass drivers and a 203 mm side-firing bass driver. The Onyx Centre 2 centre speaker has been developed to match the Onyx 300 for home theatre applications. 

The 203 mm side-firing driver has been developed exclusively by Wharfedale’s engineers for this application. This new generation low-profile driver has a near 360 degree radiation profile, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with the front-firing speakers. Through careful positioning, these side-firing Onyx 300’s can be used to augment the in-room bass response. Positioning them firing out towards the walls can increase in room bass response by around 6dB, whilst if positioned to fire inwards, they produce a more dynamic, tighter performance. 

The tweeter and mid/bass drivers are housed in a super-stiff aluminium front baffle, and the cabinets are finished in a multi-layered piano black or piano white finish. 
The Onyx Centre 2 centre speaker has been developed to match the Onyx 300 for home theatre applications.


Technical Specifications

Enclosure type: Sealed/Ported

Frequency Response: 38Hz - 24kHz

Power: 30 - 150 W

Woofer Bass Driver Size (mm): 200 mm

Midrange Size mm: 2 x125 mm

Tweeter: 25 mm

Impedance (Ω): 6 Ω

Sensitivity: 90 dB

Product Dimension (H×W×D): 1071 x 180 x 433 mm (ea)

Product Weight: 24.5 kg (ea)


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