Elysian 2 Bookshelf Speakers

A luxury audio experience

Wharfedale’s Elysian series is much like Bob Dylan circa Blonde on Blonde: an unrivalled and superbly tailored storyteller. Like Bob, no longer content to play just one way, Elysian was specifically designed to shake up the high end of hifi. Years of R&D, AMT technology, and a six-coat, hand-polished, true piano-lacquer finish combine to deliver audio par excellence. Elysian is a luxury audio experience. But, in true Wharfedale fashion, we refuse to make you pay a premium for loudspeakers, luxury or not. So we decimated the competition on price. This way, you can purchase a pair of ultra high-end loudspeakers and still have pocket change.


Elysian’s finely-tuned crossovers act with the authority of a music conductor, ensuring each component works in perfect harmony to give you a listening experience like no other. Advanced computer modelling, the highest-grade components and hundreds of hours of listening tests combine to deliver incredible phase consistency across the drive unit output and a linear power response. All this to provide you a wider range of seating positions and a more emotional connection to your music.

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